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Ultimax Brake Pads

  • Reg 90 Approved
  • Made with upgraded NAO series compound
  • Heavy Duty Street Use
One of the better legislations to come out of Europe was ECE R-90, which is a brake safety regulation outlawing cheap, non conforming friction materials and improving safety on roads in Europe. The new regulation which requires "type testing" of each brand of brakes compared to the original equipment on the exact model of car. It guarantees that products bearing the Reg. 90 standard can be safely purchased by the consumer, being at least equal to the original equipment parts. Whilst the regulation affects only models of motorcars and trucks registered after the 1st January 1999, EBC now manufactures ALL of its standard replacement disc brake pads in this premium grade material, giving customers an added value advantage over lower cost materials.

Green Stuff

Green Stuff 2000 Series

  • Fast/Heavy Street Use
  • Brake well from cold
  • Effective to above 650°C
  • Low dust formula
  • Generally recommended for cars producing up to 200BHP and / or NOT 4WD
Triple Max Power Award winning Greenstuff are the ultimate performance/fast street brake pads you can get for your hot hatch or sport compact. These pads have a high friction coefficient, great initial bite from cold, right up to a blistering 650 degrees centigrade. Another major benefit of the Greenstuff compound is its award-winning feature of being LOW DUST. Being awarded the UK magazines Autotrade Innovation Award for its low dust features, Greenstuff pads cut down between 60-90% of the dust common with most competitive types of semi-metallic pad on your alloys keeping wheels cleaner and delivering performance at the same time. Greenstuff pads are available for a huge range of cars, SUV’s, light trucks and mini vans.

Green Stuff 6000

Green Stuff 6000 Series

  • More bite, less dust
  • Effective up to 650°C
  • Heavy duty long lasting material
More bite, less dust is the theme for EBC’s heavy-duty 6000 series SUV and light truck brakes. The SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) market has exploded in recent years to become more than just Land Rover, Range Rover models and is the main focus of attention of the Detroit manufacturers with a range of fast selling models, ranging from the Ford Explorer, Escape, through to Chevrolet Blazer, Dodge Durango etc.
This exciting new material is also applicable to modern sport trucks such as the F150/250 range. This material was independently tested in the LA CT (Los Angeles City Traffic) test, which is a gruelling 20,000 mile test over one month, through the Los Angeles City Traffic, further proving this material’s outstanding capabilities as a sport pad for this vehicle segment.

Green Stuff 7000

Green Stuff 7000 Series

  • Greenstuff 7000 series are a slightly harder pad than its 6000 series.
  • Designed to reduce dust and last slightly longer than the 6000 series.
  • A great pad and a quality pad replacement for Truck and SUV (4 x 4)

For a small price premium over the 6000 series, these pads are THE ULTIMATE SUV/4x4 FRONT END PAD. They will stop faster and last longer with almost zero brake dust and is EBC’s premium offering for heavy 4x4s. These pads are noise free. Average friction coefficient 0.45mm. Features and benefits include chamfers and slots, shimmed, and coated with EBC's own Brake-In friction accelerator for fast bed-in.

Red Stuff

Red Stuff

  • High Performance Road M3, Evo, Impreza etc.
  • Generally recommended for cars producing over 200BHP and / or 4WD
Since this material was introduced in late 2003, it has received many positive write ups from performance drivers of faster cars such as the Impreza. This is a truly impressive fast road pad for repeated heavy braking. It emits far less dust than semi-metallic pads and has been proven to stop a saloon car 13 metres quicker than OEM pads from 100mph/160kph.

Features EBC Brake-In TM surface coating which conditions discs surface and accelerates pad bed-in.

Average friction coefficient 0.5

Yellow Stuff

Yellow Stuff - 4000 Series

  • Street & Track day
  • Effective to over 800°C
Although a full race material and capable of high temperature use with very good wear life, this new formulation sets a new trend in race type brake pad compounds. The “bite” from cold is superb which is uncommon with race materials (normally requiring warm-up) and makes this a pad which can be safely used on the highway as well as on the race track. This new formulation was used by numerous championship race and rally drivers in 2004 and is truly a milestone in brake pad material development.

“I fitted a full set, both front and rear to my Subaru Impreza, prior to a trip to the Nurburgring. The pads were bedded in on the way over, approximately 450 miles. During the weekend visit I completed 39 laps, approximately 530 track miles and then another 450 miles back home. Approximate front pad wear was 2 to 2.5mm, still plenty of life left in them. The pads performed excellently on track. On the road, initial cold bite is good. After a couple of applications of the brake pedal the pads are getting to their normal operating temperature and are excellent there after.”

Yellow Stuff Truck & SUV

EBC 4WD (4x4) Sport Utility Vehicle & Light Truck Brakes

  • Great improvement over standard pads for Trucks and SUV’s
  • Good bite from cold
  • Better braking even with increase vehicle weight, towing or fully loaded

This compound works well from cold and is therefore a perfect solution if you simply want the best stopping power you can get for street use on a truck or SUV where the brakes are “Marginal” from the factory.

Towing brings extra loads and that mushy feel of many stock or low friction aftermarket pads does not inspire confidence. EBC Yellowstuff gives you as much bite as you can get from a stock system and in most cases will give a noticeable brake improvement when towing.

Blue Stuff

EBC Bluestuff

  • High friction sport and race material
  • Improves stopping power 20-30%
  • Great bite from cold
  • Can be used road and track but please note, unless stated by specific part number, the pads are NOT road legal.

Featuring an aramid fibre base, the new Bluestuff NDX pad also have vee groove technology and pre-bedded heat scorched pad surface for faster bed-in. Pads also feature a chemical interlayer between the pad and back plate to improve bond strength. Bluestuff is a superb race pad but can also be used on the road.

Orange Stuff

EBC Orangestuff

  • Race / Track use ONLY (Not road legal)
  • Semi-Metallic pad
  • Friction level – 0.5 rising to 0.6 under load

New EBC Brakes Orangestuff race brake pads pass gruelling dyno testing and pass with flying colours. The pads were tested to temperatures exceeding 1000C! The pads got so hot the paint was blistered off the backing plates totally yet the Orangestuff pads still worked well. There was no cracking or edge crumbling and at the end of the test the discs look in remarkably good condition.
During the test the discs glowed Orange under the deceleration forces of 1.0G and the friction (obviously) was reduced but there was still a decent brake effect.

Van LCV Brakes

Van LCV Brakes

  • High mileage long life pads
  • Minimal disc wear

All DPC range pads are edge chamfered to reduce low speed brake noise and equipped with the EBC Brake-In coating for fast pad break in. This is a particular advantage for fleet operators "on the go" as pads can be fitted just prior to or during an MOT service and the vehicle will pass any brake test right after pad installation. Ideal pad for van operators wishing to reduce costs.


Wear Lead Sensors

  • BMW / Mercedes style pad – wear lead is purchased as a loose accessory and clips in
  • VW / Audi style pad – wear lead is Bonded into the pad
European cars are built with high friction brake pads and must be replaced either with original parts or an aftermarket pad, such as EBC Greenstuff, which has a matching friction level (average friction coefficient 0.55). Failure to do this will result in a brake imbalance front to rear on your vehicle.

EBC Greenstuff pads have been type approved on every car they are recommended for and can be considered a perfect replacement for original parts on European cars. This is known as an R90 European brake safety test.

The EBC product even includes wear sensor leads where required. On VW and Audi models the sensors are bonded into the pad and come with your pads.

On BMW and Mercedes models the pad has a wear receptor on the top of the backplate and the wear lead clips into this. It is not necessary to replace this wire at every pad change unless the contactor has activated and is worn.

OE Brake Shoes

OE Brake Shoes

  • Built Original Equipment quality and specifications

Premium OE Rotors

Premium OE Discs

  • Premium OEM replacement
  • G3000 OEM Specification cast iron
  • Precision machined and balanced
  • Perfect daily driver replacement

High Carbon Brake Disks

High Carbon Brake Discs

  • Higher carbon and silicon content
  • More granular grain structure which helps:
    • Resist heat distortion
    • Reduce thermal judder
    • Stop cracking under heavy use


3GD Sport Rotors
Turbo Groove Sport Discs

Turbo Groove Sport Discs

  • Wide aperture grooves
  • Zinc anti-corrosion coated castings
  • Special disc alloys UNIQUE to EBC
  • Dimple hole construction
  • Balanced geometry

EBC’s Turbo Groove Brake Discs feature a unique wide “high volume” slot design that runs to the outside edge of the disc allowing the dust, debris, gasses and carbon deposits to be “spun off” from the braking disc surface, further improving braking. The blind holes prevent cracking and help to break down surface gasses of the brake disc/rotor to further improve braking under heavy load.

Made in Europe  and machined using a high quality alloy designed to run up to 800/900 degrees centigrade (glowing red hot) and still run true and stay straight. For light race, rally and track day use. Together with V4 Greenstuff, Redstuff Ceramic or Yellowstuff, which helps to reduce disc temperatures, you will be hard pressed to find a better standard size disc/pad combo for your car.

Turbo Groove Discs are available for many Japanese, European & US cars. The EBC Turbo Groove represents a high performance brake disc with good “behind wheel” looks, at an affordable price range.

Gold Mountain Bike pads

USR Slotted Discs

  • Wide aperture grooves
  • Black anti-corrosion coated castings
  • Special disc alloys UNIQUE to EBC
  • Quiet slot pattern
  • Balanced geometry

The latest super quiet slot pattern for prestige and premium cars requiring discs that are almost totally silent featuring the latest chemically applied corrosion resistant black finish.

This black coating has been tested with the industry standard salt spray test and proven to last anywhere between 2 and 5 years depending on conditions and represents the ultimate in disc rust prevention. The illustration shows a disc after it has been used for a period of time and the pad has rubbed off the black coating in the braking area.

Ultimax Sports Discs are available for many Japanese & European cars. Made in Europe with high quality iron castings.

High Carbon Brake Disks

High Carbon Blade Brake Discs

  • GG15HC specification cast iron
  • Higher silicon and carbon content
  • More granular grain structure which helps:
    • Resist heat distortion
    • Reduce thermal judder
    • Stop cracking under heavy use
  • Multiple narrow 3mm grooves reduce noise and pads run cooler
  • 1mm depth, acts as wear indicator when the discs need replacing

Brake Drums

Brake Drums

  • Built Original Equipment quality and specifications

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